Indonesia Smart City Concept and Architecture

smart city concept

Which city does not want to have a good system and benefit all parties? Sufficient clean water needs, easily accessible renewable energy, easy to use integrated transportation system, guaranteed community security, and so on. Various things that it seems to have been the desire of many cities in the world since a long time, the goal is to improve the quality of life of its citizens.

From the data of world urbanization, estimated in 2050 there are approximately 66% of the world’s population whose lives are in urban areas. With the large number of urban residents, it is clear that the city should be able to provide basic necessities such as healthy food, clean water, to energy sufficiency, as well as certainty about economic stability, social, and environmental sustainability.

Compared to previous eras, many parties need to be involved to make the city a smart city. Technology integration becomes a major challenge that requires cooperation with many parties as it relates to the system to be run.

Image Credit by Cubeacon Mesosfer. Download Smart City Concept

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