IoT Platform Provider Basic Service

internet-of-things-platformInternet of Things, also known as IoT, is a concept of a wider implementations of internet. Some of the advantages is data sharing, remote control, and etc. Include things in physical life. Continue reading

Backend For Mobile App Startup Project

Backend for mobile apps made for startup project are very often to use right now. They are made specifically for developers building their mobile apps or web apps project faster. Backend can manage and maintain all the backend environment so developers don’t have to waste their time managing the infrastructure which can be the most complicated part. Continue reading

Mobile Backend as a Service Providers for Startup

Mobile Backend as a Service Providers for Startup are providing various features that suit every startup need. It is now widen their implementation. Not only a mobile application but also an embedded and hardware.

The features are varied in many ways. Here are some features that startup needs in Mobile Backend as a Service: Continue reading