How Much is Mobile App Server Cost

With high demand of mobile apps,  developers are competing to create more mobile application every year. With almost million of apps downloaded from Play Store and App Store each day, this makes developers launch their apps faster using Mobile Apps Server.

The use of Mobile Apps server is pretty familiar for developers. They have picked all the features and cost before they start to build their mobile apps. Mobile App Server cost is important for developers before they build the apps.

How Much is Mobile App Server Cost

If you are developers and confused about how much is actually a mobile app server cost, here are some comparisons of mobile app servers that are available for your mobile apps:

1. Kinvey

Kinvey is one of old player in Mobile App Server business. They have worked with many big enterprises company and their pricing is also range from free to enterprise. Their free plan is available for individual developers with one app per month and 1 GB Data storage.

Suitable for you if you want to build a simple application. Kinvey is providing a forum support in this plan. So if you are a newbie, you gotta teach yourself first or otherwise you can ask the forum. If you want to have more support you can upgrade your plan to startup which started on $200.

2. Mesosfer


This is pretty new player in Mobile Backend as a Service. Their pricing is divided into scale of what you need. Mesosfer provides free plan for developer with 1 Giga storage, i Mio push notification and Restful API.

Developer can also upgrade their plan from free to basic or enterprise. The thing about Mesosfer is that you are not only developing Mobile apps, but you can also connect your hardware or IoT Peripherals. So you don’t have to manage your IoT device and the apps in different platform.

3. Kumulos

Kumulos is giving you different types of pricing. Unlike most of Mobile Apps Server that offers pricing based on the scale of what you need, Kumulos offers pricing based on the feature you use for your mobile apps.

Their pricing for feature like Push Notification starts from $25 per app per month. Other like Mobile Backend as a Service which include SDK charge $50 per app per month. But you can also try it for free of course.

Those 3 comparison of Mobile App Server Cost can be a good start before you explore the other solutions. Three of them might have similar features but they have different way to share their service.

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