Mobile Backend as a Service Providers for Startup

Mobile Backend as a Service Providers for Startup are providing various features that suit every startup need. It is now widen their implementation. Not only a mobile application but also an embedded and hardware.

The features are varied in many ways. Here are some features that startup needs in Mobile Backend as a Service:

1. Push Notification

The easier yet essential part of every backend server for mobile apps. Push Notification feature is something that developers need. Engaging customers and getting their feedback is not something hard anymore. Push notification can be a call back for developers to hear feedback from their user. It is also significant to deliver updates and promo.

2. Practical Cloud Architecture

Backend Server for Mobile Apps offers an easy connection to the cloud. This is why Backend server helps developers build their mobile apps faster and easier. Backend server for mobile apps can manage the infrastructure apps which is the more complicated part based on this survey. It also cuts off the cost of development because it is cheaper than setting up the environment manually.

Developers don’t need to set up manually because backend server for mobile apps has set everything in the cloud based on the apps performance. It simplify developers work when the apps has million access.

3. Connect to IoT Peripherals.

Not every backend server for mobile apps connect to IoT Peripherals. Only few like Mesosfer Backend Platform. Beside building a mobile apps, you can also connect your IoT Peripherals and get the real time result of all your implementations in one platform.

4. Adding More Hardwares

If you want to build your hardware and need to maintain the connection with your apps, some backend server like Mesosfer is available for this feature. Not only IoT Peripherals, developers who build an implementation using beacon are able to connect and maintain in Mesosfer. They can connect their hardware and mobile apps in the same platform and it is getting easier because they only need one platform.

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