Mobile App Developer Strategy Building Products Quickly


Many ways to develop a product or service. No exception digital products or services. One way is to decide to hand over to a third-party product development, outsourcing or hiring freelancers. It is possible especially to those non-technical background who want to develop a digital product. Currently digital product or service seems to be a mandatory requirement complementary businesses, either already running or are being piloted.

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Not a bad choice to hand over to a third party product development, which needs to be underlined is about control. Products can be assumed in a business like a baby, the fruit of the business. If you want to give the baby’s growth and development process, or product, supervision and control is absolute. Ensuring product worked and cared for properly is very important to keep the purpose of the birth of a product. Once again the control and supervision is needed.

Also make sure to choose a standard size for testing. This was done solely to reduce the risk. Be sure to always have a source of a second opinion for consideration if there is something in the product, that means employing more than one IT expert or digital does not matter, certainly during the financial health of a business does not result deteriorated.

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The need to add a second opinion is in line with the concept of “do not put all your eggs in one basket”. This can be interpreted to always keep a second choice. Without intending to offend all casual workers, employment of casual workers is not completely reliable granted. The reason is related to hours of work, a freelancer has its own working hours, and it all depends on the contract, including by the deadline. If you want to reduce the risk that there are sure to employ more than one. Just to make sure the product is developed properly. The important part of the control.

To guarantee the quality of development and save the budget be sure to recruit people with a particular specialization. So that what is done is what really mastered. As well as recruiting experts in the field of back-end to back-end issues and experts in the field of UI / UX for front-end problems. It can also be a bit much to reduce expenses, because it is closely related to the workload.

But actually in a good product development must involve the first people in the team, founder. It is necessary to maintain the quality of products as well as forcing to get out of your comfort zone and keep learning new things. One of the core of running a business, do not stop learning and innovating.

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