Backend For Mobile App Startup Project

Backend for mobile apps made for startup project are very often to use right now. They are made specifically for developers building their mobile apps or web apps project faster. Backend can manage and maintain all the backend environment so developers don’t have to waste their time managing the infrastructure which can be the most complicated part.

Instead, developers can focus on the front end and marketing side to reach their user. Some backend service also allow developers to build and manage the mobile apps. It is easier for developers to maintain in one platform than have to switch to other platform in order to engage their user.

Some backend Service also provide connection to devices. For example is Mesosfer Mobile Backend as a Service. Mesosfer provides various feature to their users. Not just developing Mobile Apps, in Mesosfer, Developers can also connect to a hardware.

Mesosfer is also a backend for mobile app iOS and Android. It gives iOS and SDK for Android, iOS, and more. RESTful API is given for developers for easy access of their project.

Mesosfer is for those who wants to build mobile apps and also IoT ecosystem. Not just building mobile apps, Mesosfer can calso connect your hardware device. Mesosfer Cloud platform feature include connect with embeded system, IoT Peripherals, and beacon device. Which makes it a lot easier for developers who also work on hardware devices. In a single platform, developers can manage mobile app, web apps, and hardware devices.

Mesosfer charge starts from $15 per month, but they’re also available for free trial. The free trial is pretty amazing. SDK available and 1 Mio RESTful API and many features available.

Elastic Cloud Platform is also one of features in Mesosfer Cloud Platform. It makes developers easily maintain their project. It will elastically scale up based on how many access of the user. Reducing error in the apps when the apps reach big hit.

Mesosfer Cloud Platform is perfect for developers who explore more about hardware and mobile apps. It will create IoT ecosystem since embedded is available in Mesosfer system.

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