5 Ways To Startup To Facing Investors


One key to startup success is the relationship between the owner of a startup with the investor. Starting from the beginning pitching until then investors agreed to provide financial support for your startup.

If your startup is currently preparing to approach with investors, it’s good to find out as it used characters from investors who want to approach. When rejection occurs, you have mentally prepared and can still maintain good relationship with the investor. The following article will help you deal with investors who seem ‘hard’ to be approached.

Recognize investor

The first step that can be done is to find out the purpose of the investor, whether the questions posed difficult to understand, difficult to answer and a bit absurd. Or questions thrown just loaded with constructive criticism, solutions and new ideas that can be applied to your startup. From each of these questions could be concluded, where the investor is interested in your idea and where investors are not interested at all.

Appreciate the opportunity given

Most investors have a meeting or pitching with startup in large quantities at a certain time. When startup you get a chance to do the pitching, cherish the opportunity and make sure the process runs smoothly pitching. What matters more is, investors will recognize the potential startup, even before you do the pitching. For that appreciate the time given.

How much time is spent

While doing the pitching process, try to look at how much time did you spend to give a presentation about the products you have. Ideally, the more time is needed by investors to ask, seek out and know better the startup that you have can be a sign that investors are interested in your startup. But if investors are only interested in the not long enough and just ask a modest course, we can be sure investors are not interested.

Thank all the criticism

As Founder mostly too trusting and confident of the ideas held so that when the criticism and feedback with negative tone coming from investors, the Founder tended to defend and unwilling to listen to feedback from investors.

In order for startup you can grow, thank all the feedback given by investors and trying to do an intensive conversation in order to find the best solution that is expected by your startup owners and investors. The thing to remember is that investors want to avoid risk to a minimum, and if the criticism seemed a little ‘rough’ it is done for the good of the startup.

Keep good relations

When the pitching has been made to more than one or two investor and you have not got good feedback it is already a sign that investors are not sufficiently interested in the product you make. If that happens, do not be disappointed and become emotional, thank you for the opportunity given and still maintain a good relationship with investors.

Avoid doing bad manners or less exactly with the investor as a result of the disappointment earlier. The thing to remember is, when a startup you have been blacklisted by the investor, the information will be spread to other investors. To that keep good relations with investors.

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