4 Reasons Not Need New Startup To Hire PR Agency


This one mistake often committed by activists startup newly built and prepared to immediately launch the product, which is to hire a public relations (PR) is outsourced, and most will spend a sizable budget. In order to get the attention of the media, investors and other interested parties, there are many ways that can be done organically, and definitely hire a PR agency is not the first choice, for a new startup.

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The following article will discuss four important aspects that affect whether or not you need to employ new startup outsource public relations.

Not having enough ‘story’

The new Startup most do not have enough information, data and results that can be distributed to the media, investors and other interested parties. To be able to attract the attention of the media, the startup must have story and certainly support the full data. This is certainly much different from the activities of digital advertising campaigns in Facebook Ads or Adwords. When you submit your ad campaign, to get conversions in line with expectations.

Another possible way to start marketing and promotional activities is to send its own information, data or research that has been owned by the startup of your internal PR team. Although relatively modest, at least you do not have to issue a special budget to outsource PR when they wanted to disseminate information to the media that you can serve.

Set up a special time for the media

Another work reasons why the new startup to employ PR outsource is that they do not have enough people to do the job, until finally choosing to outsource PR to do the job. It turned out to be a step that is less precise. You as Founder have the data, information and the most appropriate response is most sought after by the media, investors and other interested parties. While most PR will prepare a brief relevant information according to different media and certainly not the appropriate party to explain the full description of your startup.

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If you do not have enough team to do the job, try to spend some special time for the media to interview. The time required is usually not too much and you’ll be able to resume work as Founder returned after the interview was conducted.

Your business is not stable

Another thing that must be observed why the new startup eventually not need to hire a PR outsource is a company that is not yet stable. Is that a decision to pivot, fundraising faltered, conflicts with co-founder and other changes that often occur at startup. PR agencies outsource usually require a stable company in order to run the business. For that reason why you are the owner of a new startup, a good idea to hire PR outsource delay.

Be ‘brand ambassador’ startup

As the owner of a startup, you are required to become a brand ambassador or brand image of startup owned. Not only the products and the ability to control the course of business, but as a founder you also have to cope with the media, investors every day.

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Do not close this opportunity to keep a distance or limit themselves to the media. Precisely position yourself as someone who reachable and relatable to the media. The better you as Founder create good relations with the media, the greater the chance of startup you get the attention of the media’s coverage of quality and relevant.

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