3 Skills a Developer Need Beside Coding


As a developer, there are more things to learn about outside coding. Developer might expert in coding but to actually get a job, they gotta need to master some soft skills. 

Especially those who want to build startup. Because in a startup, coding will take 40% part. The other 60% part is definitely soft skills such as communication, marketing, pitching, finding the right Mobile Backend as Service (MBaaS) for your product, finance, etc.

So here are 3 soft skills a developer need to master beside coding:

Pitch to Investor

If you have an idea and you think it’s great enough to be a breakthrough, then pitch. If someone ask you what is your product, pitch. If an investor ask how you’re doing, pitch. If you want to find the right team or co founder, pitch your idea to them! Basically, your pitch is supposed to be a spell that turns someone from “what is this?” into “that’s a brilliant idea!”

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So make sure you improve your pitching skills. It has to be short but full enough to make people understand about what you’re doing.

Pitch Deck

Your pitch deck is something that will attract investors. Investor will use it to see how is your plan to scale up your startup, and projection of your startup.

Startup these days put a lot of numbers in their pitch deck. I don’t think all of those number matters since what they need is only who’s your market and how much is your value (include all revenue and traction, of course).


Not really that terrifying actually, networking is good if you want to get insight and probably you can meet great partners. You can join startup event to get your networking skills improved.

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